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My work draws on the liminal power of the decorative: the visual phenomena that permeate the edges of the spaces we inhabit, observed but often disregarded as a visual subject. What is the communicative function of ornamental patterning in (private) daily life and (public) cultural spaces? Where is it positioned in systems of belief, value, and political power? When inspected, this marginalized information acts in the creation of place identity, traces shifts in cultural identity, and reveals competing narratives.

My visual strategies involve inverting the center and the peripheral, interrupting architectural edges, and disrupting the functionality and familiarity of everyday materials. My work maps points of intersection between abstraction, minimalism, and ornamentation while speculating on ways to “trouble” these and other(ed) imbricated histories. I materialize and spatialize this discursive position using visual patterning, textiles, and site-responsive installations.

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