Issue 09 Autumn 2012

bailliwik n. an area of activity in which somebody has particular responsibility, or in which he/she has specialized knowledge or ability.

Bailliwik is a cooperatively published periodical and website. Our contributors live throughout the world. We are artists, designers, musicians, writers, students, volunteers, teachers, and many other things too. Please write to us at with any questions or comments, and sign up for our mailing list on our homepage:

Issue 09, a limited edition including the 7 special edition projects, is now available.
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Issue 09 / Autumn 2012

...collects the work of 34 participants into a 100-page full color publication.
Example of one assembled copy
Each copy of Issue 09 includes 7 special edition projects
Click through the list of names (left) to see each artists' work and read more about them.