Tiled & Looped
October 3rd - November 7th, 2014
Manifold, Chicago, IL
Curated by Elizabeth and Ross Fiersten

Surabhi Ghosh creates complex compositions through the accumulation of simple decorative motifs, revealing intersections among abstraction, minimalism, and ornamentation.

At Manifold Gallery in an exhibition titled Tiled & Looped, Ghosh will show work from two ongoing series. In these series, she uses hand-cutting techniques to negate the function of a utilitarian material (upholstery vinyl), while expanding her speculative understanding of the relationships between pattern, repetition, and decoration.

Many thanks to the Oregon Arts Commission for their support of this project.


Looped, #1-37
Upholstery vinyl, pins.
Individual pieces: 6" wide by variable lengths from 20" to 54".


Looped (detail)


Looped (detail)


Looped (detail)


Looped, #33-37


Upholstery vinyl and pins.
8'6" (height) x 11'6" (width).


Tiled (alternate view)


Tiled (detail)